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LOOK UP! Being Present Matters- Disconnect to Connect

Imagine what you are missing by always being connected. Sitting across from the person you love never making eye contact, missing your child’s laughter on the playground, and being so engrossed in your phone you miss an opportunity to improve your life or even someone else’s. Being in the moment is one of the most…

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“Change is Possible” Police Station Transformed into Safe Haven

Upper Darby Police debut program connecting heroin addicts to rehab, utilizing Gaudenzia as their provider for treatment and recovery. The program was created to combat the heroin epidemic sweeping much of the nation, but Chitwood said police will offer assistance to residents struggling with any type of substance abuse.

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Drugs & The Adolescent Brain

This video goes into the detail of why adolescents are at an even greater risk than adults when it comes to substance abuse. Repeated use of drugs and alcohol actually changes the brain chemistry of an adolescent, as things are still developing. Personality and behavior changes are very common.

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