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Drug Free Workplace PA is a non-profit organization focused on establishing drug free workplace programs into every Pennsylvania business that will have us.  Many people think a drug free workplace program means drug testing employees.  On the contrary, a successful drug free workplace program incorporates employee drug testing as one of its components, but it is far more comprehensive than that.  The Department of Labor suggests five components be implemented in order to have an effective drug free workplace program.  That's where Drug Free Workplace PA comes in.  We help businesses become drug free by incorporating those components and help everyone live healthier lifestyles by offering additional mental health and substance abuse training, and educating families about the family dynamics of addiction, as well.

Added bonus: G
rant funding allows us to offer our services free of charge!  Please take some time, surf around, and see how Drug Free Workplace PA can help your business or family!

Did you know?

Every Alcohol or Drug Abuser costs a Company $15,000 Annually

On Average between 10 to 15% of the Workforce Abuses Drugs and Alcohol

 Nearly 70% of Illicit Drug Users aged 18 or older are Employed either Full or Part Time