PLEASE NOTE: DFWPAs last day of operation is September 30, 2022.

Drug Free Workplace PA (DFWPA) was established in 2014 with a PCCD grant awarded to  Gaudenzia, Inc.  Gaudenzia helps individuals and families affected by drug and alcohol dependency, mental illness, and related conditions to achieve a better quality of life and become accountable individuals.  DFWPA is under the division of ACCESS EAP.

Since its inception, DFWPA programs and services have been offered free of charge to employers and communities across PA through the PCCD grant, which is paid for with PA taxpayer dollars.

DFWPA was established to help employers build and implement a Drug Free Workplace program for their workplace.

The 5 components of a Drug Free Workplace include:

1.       Establish a Drug Free Workplace Policy

2.       Training for Supervisors

3.       Training for Employees

4.       Drug Testing Policy and Procedures

5.       Engaging an Employee Assistance Program

Since 2014 more than 3,500 employers in PA have benefited from the free online policy builder, free onsite trainings, free online education modules, and free support provided by DFWPA staff regarding implementation of policies, drug testing protocols, execution of reasonable suspicion, and return to work agreements. In 2016 when Medical Marijuana became legalized in PA, DFWPA met the need for education and understanding around Medical Marijuana Cardholders in the workplace.

In 2017 DFWPA was expanded to include additional resources for working parents, families, and communities in PA.  Recognizing that substance use concerns among employees often extended to use by family members, DFWPA established a partnership with the Center on Addiction and Partnership with Drug Free Kids to utilize existing valuable resources to help those who are supporting loved ones with a substance use disorder.

In 2020, DFWPA introduced its Recovery Friendly Workplace PA initiative to address the growing population of individuals in recovery who are entering and returning to the workplace.  RFWPA aims to establish understanding among employers and employees about the benefits and considerations related to hiring individuals in recovery.

DFWPA continues to support, educate, and empower workplaces and communities throughout Pennsylvania to be part of the solution for the substance use and addiction epidemic.