Access EAP

ACCESS Employee Assistance Program services are designed to address work organization productivity issues and assist employees in identifying and resolving personal problems or issues affecting their job performance. In addition, through our EAP services, we are uniquely poised to positively impact families and improve family relationships through the workplace.

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National Alliance on Mental Illness

NAMI is the largest non-profit grassroots, self-help mental health organization in the nation. Founded in 1979,NAMI is represented in all 50 states and has over 1100 local affiliates. Working on the national, state and local levels, NAMI provides education and support; combats stigma; promotes research into the causes and cures for mental illness; and advocates for adequate health insurance, housing, jobs, and services for people with mental illnesses.


National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance

The National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance (NDWA) is a division of Drug Free America Foundation, Inc. (DFAF), an international drug prevention and policy organization dedicated to prevention of substance abuse around the world.  NDWA has a two-fold mission to directly assist small businesses in the state of Florida in establishing comprehensive drug free workplace programs and to support a national coalition of drug free workplace service providers.


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