PLEASE NOTE: DFWPAs last day of operation is September 30, 2022.


Kathy Strain

DFWPA/RFWPA Program Supervisor & Trainer

Specialty/Area of Focus: Community Engagement, Family Education Program/Drug Free Workplace Educator, Project Management, Training Development and Advocacy.

Through personal tragedy, Kathy became an avid mental health and substance use disorder advocate
and educator at both the state and federal levels. She is involved with many grassroots organizations
that have a focus on substance use disorder. Kathy serves as a Parent Coach for the national
organization Partnership to End Addiction, Is an Ambassador for Shatterproof, a member of Berks SOS
and serves on the Board of Speak up for Ben. She also serves on official and ad hoc committees in the US
Bankruptcy Court for opioid litigation and is currently serving on a Federal Trust Advisory Committee
helping to oversee a portion of opioid litigation dollars. Kathy is a certified instructor of Adult Mental
Health first Aid and a nationally recognized family recovery specialist. Kathy has worked for the past
several years as Program Supervisor of DFWPA where she traveled through all 67 counties of
Pennsylvania providing no cost resources and training to employers and families impacted by the
addiction and mental health crisis.

Kathy has a degree in Paralegal studies with a background in healthcare and DOT Safety and Compliance. She has completed the coursework to become a certified family recovery specialist and is also a certified opioid overdose reversal trainer.

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Donna Creager

DFWPA Trainer, Community Engagement & Education Specialist, Mental Health First Aid Instructor

Specialty/Area of Focus: DFWPA Workplace Training Development, Community Relations, Program Management

Donna Creager provides leadership to Drug Free Workplace PA’s workplace training and education program.  With a bachelor’s degree in sociology and having spent more than 20 years in education and human services she knows first-hand the impact substance use disorder and mental health has on individuals, families, and communities. Donna has served as a parent coach for the Partnership to End Addiction and she is a certified Mental Health First Aid Instructor.  Donna believes that prevention education and common-sense collaboration are key to making a significant impact on Pennsylvanians’ understanding of substance use disorder and mental health challenges. 

Donna’s passion for empowering others guides her interactive training style.  She aims to provide all participants with a clear understanding of the science of addiction as a chronic brain disease, as well as essential knowledge that reduces the stigma surrounding substance use disorders and mental health challenges.  

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