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Supervisor & Employee Training: a Wise Investment

A smarter way to fight fires Ben Franklin’s observation that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” originally referred to fire prevention. But nearly 300 years later, that wisdom is just as relevant in the context of the drug epidemic. And the stakes are every bit as high. The US is facing…

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Is it Drugs or Puberty?

Is it Drugs or Puberty? When a baby is born, its parents have all the hope in the world – he or she could be the next doctor, Einstein, Dale Earnhardt. The possibilities are limitless. And then they become teenagers and the world gets flipped on its head. What happened to the sweet, helpful little…

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CDC Finds Troubling Rise in Teen Suicide Method

CDC Finds Troubling Rise in Teen Suicide Method Reposted from NBC News- More teens who are killing themselves are choosing suffocation and strangling, government researchers reported Thursday. And more young women are committing suicide. It’s a troubling trend and it’s not clear what’s driving it, the team at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention…

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Underage DUI – Zero Tolerance

Underage DUI – Zero Tolerance Pennsylvania´s Zero Tolerance Law carries serious consequences for those under 21 who are convicted of driving with any amount of alcohol in their blood. For example, those under 21 who are convicted of driving under the influence with a .02 blood alcohol content, or greater, face severe penalties, including a…

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Managing Workplace Stress

Managing Workplace Stress The word stress stresses many people out. The truth of the matter is, deadlines and crisis are facts of life sometimes. At work, things pop up that need to be dealt with right away. It is to be expected – sometimes. However, when stress levels continue to climb and no end is…

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Workplace Bullying – Know the Signs

Workplace Bullying – Know the Signs In researching some topics to update this fine resource page, I came across a site called Workplace Bully Institute (WBI). I never knew such a thing existed! Bullying was something done by rotten kids on the playground. It seems those kids don’t always grow up and grow out of…

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Drug Testing

Drug Testing Whether or not to drug test employees can be a sensitive subject. Sometimes employers would rather not know if their employees are engaged in illegal drug use. Or they may assume that any drug use is done off the clock and therefore is outside their authority. In both cases, not knowing could be…

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The Most Dangerous Person in Your Office

The Most Dangerous Person in Your Office After years in the working world, one begins to notice patterns. Personality types. A rotating cast of characters. Take a moment to reflect on all the personality types you’ve interacted with in the office. Have you ever met the “Worst Person in Front of Me Right Now?” You…

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Help Fight Illegal Drugs and/or Keep Kids Safe

Help Fight Illegal Drugs and/or Keep Kids Safe Attorney General Kathleen Kane is asking Residents to help Fight Illegal Drugs and to help Keep Kids Safe by reporting activity to her office anonymously via text message. If you suspect illegal drug activity or child predator: Text: PA DRUGS + your tip to 847411 Text: PAKIDS…

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