Drug Free Workplace Supervisor Training

As a supervisor, it is important to be empowered with tools and techniques when recognizing substance use in the workplace. In this presentation you will be able to determine how substance use impacts productivity and employee morale. You will also be able to identify signs and symptoms of impairment and ensure proper documentation. Once impairment is confirmed, learn how to execute reasonable suspicion with integrity and confidentiality using best practices. More than that, find out how to help an employee that is living in addiction or struggling with substances. This course will enable you to determine if the employee is eligible to return to work and develop an agreement that properly outlines expectations of moving forward with employment.

Module 1 Drug Free Workplace Supervisor Training
Lesson 1 Pretest
Lesson 2 Drug Free Workplace Supervisor Training Video
Lesson 3 Post-test and Course Feedback
Lesson 4 Course Feedback