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Addiction is a Brain Disease

What is Substance Use Disorder? This course covers the characteristics of a substance use disorder including the science of addition, stages of addiction, and risk factors. It also reviews the cost of substance use to society as well as substance use in Pennsylvania.

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Signs and Symptoms of Substance Use

Learn about the signs and symptoms of substance use, classifications of drugs and the impact of substance use on society.

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Family Trainings

Addiction is a Family Disease

Substance Use Disorder impacts more than just the individual. This course covers how the disease of addiction affects the entire family system.

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Adolescent Drug Use

Participants will learn what may lead adolescents to experiment with drugs and how to influence adolescent behaviors.

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Opioid Use Disorder

As the opioid epidemic worsens in Pennsylvania, individuals can benefit from understanding what is opioid use disorder. This course covers the impact of the opioid epidemic in PA and the signs of opioid use.

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Communicating with Adolescents

Communicating to your children about the dangers of substance use is a difficult conversation. This training covers risk factors that increase risk of developing a substance use disorder, how to effectively communicate with children and influence adolescent behavior.

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Treatment Options, Relapse and Recovery

The world of substance use treatment can be overwhelming for first time navigators. This course covers the types of treatment options, relapse prevention and recovery.

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Workplace Trainings

Drug Free Workplace Employee Training

This training is designed to educate employees about substance use disorder in the workplace.

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The Benefits of an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

An important component of a complete Drug Free Workplace program is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). This course is designed to teach the basics of an EAP, how to select an appropriate one for your workplace and the benefits of having an EAP provider.

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Medical Marijuana and the Workplace

With the introduction of Act 16, Medical Marijuana is legal in Pennsylvania. The purpose of this training is to educate employers on the status of Act 16 and how it will affect the workplace.

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Drug Testing 101

This course addresses drug testing and the law, what to consider for your workplace, employer best practices and methods of drug testing. It also includes a resource list for drug testing entities in Pennsylvania.

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Drug Free Workplace Supervisor Training

This course is designed for workplace supervisors charged with the responsibility of detecting and maintaining a drug free work environment. It is constructed to assist the supervisor in adhering to current workplace policy and to teach the basics of substance use disorder and substance abuse within the workplace. The process of determining and implementing Reasonable…

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