DFWPA is Moving and Shaking

DFWPA is getting into the groove and meeting some (ahem) interesting folks…

Seen here is the President of the Mechanicsburg Chamber of Commerce learning to be a belly dancer during the Mechanicsburg Chamber Mixer at Mezza Cafe.

When not attending dance parties at Chamber meetings, DFWPA is continuing to travel the state looking for businesses and citizens to help. A recent stop was made in the Wilkes-Barre area where Ben Franklin reminded us that there is no time to waste!

The Wyoming Valley also offered us these fantastic views:

And finally, lest you think we are staying on the east coast, here are some very Pittsburgh looking cows and a radio tower to prove we are on a state-wide mission.

OK fine, there are no Pittsburgh-esque identifiers, you’ll have to just take our word for it! (but that’s a cool looking vehicle, isn’t it?)

The traveling continues. In the upcoming weeks we will be in Erie, as promised, State College, and Chester County.

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