Drug Testing

PLEASE NOTE: DFWPAs last day of operation is September 30, 2022.

Drug testing is highly recommended as one of the five components of an effective Drug Free Workplace Program.

Drug testing policies and procedures help to ensure a safe and healthy workplace.  It is the number one way to measure and enforce the compliance of your drug free workplace program. You will need to decide which drugs you will test for, and what types of tests you will employ. We will cover this in more depth on our How to Get Started page.

There are 8 categories of drug testing. Some examples of the types of drug testing you will need to decide on is whether you will have pre-employment drug testing. You may also consider doing reasonable suspicion testing and post-accident testing to determine if drugs are being used during employment and what actions you will take as a result of confirming drugs have been used.

Drug testing is not only a preventative measure but it is a life saving measure. Every area of a company is impacted when a person uses drugs on the job.

A person with a substance use disorder needs help before they do more damage to themselves and others.

Drug testing gives you the evidence you need to help them face that they have a problem. This is part of creating a compassionate workplace where lives are valued and everyone is kept safe and free from the harm that drug use can cause.