Employee Training

Employee Training is essential to establishing and building a work environment that is drug free.

This step occurs after Supervisors are trained on how to deal with addiction in the workplace.


The course is designed to raise awareness, give practical information and help empower employees to make better choices at work and at home. The many stressors that employees face can be overwhelming, but with support they can manage and balance their lives in healthier ways.

Employee training has a broader scope than Supervisor training because we are able to cover issues employees may face both on the work site, among their co-workers, and at home.

With an emphasis on awareness as the key to prevention, we believe education empowers action, therefor our training emphasizes awareness as the key to prevention.

The goal is to have a healthy and safe workplace for all. Employees will also be trained in practical things such as:
  • How to respond to incidents.
  • How to recognize the signs and symptoms of drug use.
  • How to help co-workers struggling with addiction.
  • How to get help for themselves, if they have an addiction.