Supporting, Educating and Empowering Families

Substance use does not only affect the individual using; it impacts the dynamics of their entire family.

Our Family Education program is designed to educate families on how they should proceed when helping a loved one struggling with substance use and what they may expect along the way.


Drug Free Workplace PA is now offering Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) for families and communities. Learn more here and contact us today to set up your training.

Educational Series for Families

Our online Family Education Series consists of 2 prerequisites and 5 courses. All 7 are provided below. Users should complete the 2 prerequisites prior to completing any/all of the 5 course topics to gain necessary overview information.  It will take 15-45 minutes to complete each of our lessons.

All course titles are listed below. Click on the below to start an online course. 


Addiction is a Brain Disease

Addiction is a treatable, medical disorder that affects the brain and behavior. Learn how substance use disorder has impacted our society while examining the disease behind addiction and how it affects the brain. By exploring the five stages of addiction, you will gain an understanding of the repercussions of this disorder. Additionally, you will learn…

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Signs and Symptoms of Substance Use

As a person uses a substance, it can affect them emotionally, behaviorally and physically. Discover how to recognize the signs of impairment and the symptoms of substance use. Learn the difference between depressants, stimulants and hallucinogens and how it affects individuals under the influence.

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Family Trainings

Addiction is a Family Disease

Substance Use Disorder impacts more than just the individual. For every person with an addiction there is a family impacted by the disease. Learn about the unspoken rules of a family facing addiction. Discover what is a functioning family system vs. a family system living with addiction. This presentation will help you understand the importance…

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Adolescent Drug Use: What Parents Need to Know

Adolescents are often motivated to seek new experiences, particularly those they perceive as thrilling or daring. This is just one of the risk factors adolescents face regarding addiction. Learn how adolescent drug use impacts their brain and gain an understanding of the risk and protective factors. This presentation will provide some of the recent drug…

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Opioid Use Disorder 101

As the opioid epidemic endures in Pennsylvania, it is vital for you understand what opioid use disorder is and the impact it has on society. Examine the difference between prescription opioids, synthetic opioids and heroin. You will discover the signs of symptoms and learn the next steps of approaching a loved one that might have…

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Communicating with Adolescents about Drugs and Alcohol

Communicating with your children about the dangers of substance use is a difficult conversation. This presentation will provide tools and techniques to ensure your children are listening even if they are resistant. Learn how to use positive communication and positive reinforcement to make information easier for your child to accept.

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Treatment Options, Setbacks and Recovery

The world of substance use treatment can be overwhelming for first time navigators. Discover what options are available for individuals and family members and if a setback occurs, what are the best ways to get back on the pathway of recovery? This presentation will provide hope that recovery is possible and can happen.

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