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PLEASE NOTE: DFWPAs last day of operation is September 30, 2022.

A Drug Free Workplace Policy is one of the core components to creating a Drug Free Workplace Program.

All of the choices you will make in your program will connect to your policy. The goal when creating a drug free workplace policy is two-fold. First, you want to send a clear message about what is prohibited. Second, you want to encourage employees to voluntarily seek help with drug or alcohol problems.


Do-It-Yourself Policy Builder

Our online policy builder is FREE and has been designed to be quick and easy to use.


Our policy builder’s question-answer format allows you to select the options that best match your company’s needs.


The builder compiles your answers and upon completion you will have a policy that you can access and download.

Please note that our online policy builder will allow you to create a standard* Drug Free Workplace Policy. The policy can be further customized or revised after downloading as needed.

*Policies vary from industry to industry. You will need to know the standards for your own industry. If you are a Government contracted organization your policy requirements may be more extensive. You will need to find out what your governing agency requires you to have in your policy. We are not a Government Organization.

Understanding what your company wants in a policy

When creating your drug free workplace policy, it is best if you have some basic knowledge of what your company may want or need in its policy.

Review the list of the core questions below, as they will help guide the many choices and decisions you will need to make as you create your drug free workplace policy.


What is the purpose or goal of your policy?


Who will be covered by your policy?


When will your policy apply?


What behavior and items will be prohibited?


Who will be responsible for enforcing your policy?


What will the consequences be if your policy is violated?


Will there be Return-to-Work Agreements?


What type of assistance will be available?


How will employee confidentiality be protected?


Will employees be required to notify you of drug-related convictions?


Will your policy include searches?


Will your policy include drug testing?

Once you know the answers to the questions you can go to step one and begin to create a profile and build your policy.


The Policy Process

To gain access to our online policy builder and training you will need to create an account.

The information collected is confidential and is not sold or give to any outside entity. It is used to help you build a Drug Free Workplace policy/program and to inform you of our services.