Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiative

DFWPA’s Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiative gives business owners the resources and support they need to foster a supportive environment that encourages the success of new hires and employees in recovery. It also provides FREE employment support services to people in recovery in PA. 

Opportunity for Individuals in Recovery

Recovery Friendly Workplace PA, a new statewide program, provides FREE employment support services to people in recovery, including:   

  • Job skills assessment
  • Resume, cover letter, and job application assistance
  • Communication and interview skills training
  • Transportation support
  • Employment referrals to a recovery friendly employer

To access these services, text WORKPA to 1-844-469-4690 and a Recovery Friendly Workplace PA support specialist will assist you. 

Help spread the word.  Download, print, and share our RFW Flyer HERE.

For more information about Recovery Friendly Workplace PA, visit

Employer Benefits to Becoming a Recovery Friendly Workplace:

  • Increased productivity 
  • Healthier employees 
  • Less absenteeism & turnover 
  • Greater employee satisfaction 
  • More community connection 
  • Increased customer loyalty 
  • A more supportive culture 
  • Increased morale 
  • Improved communication

Learn More About the Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiative

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Completing this Letter of Interest form is the first step of the Recovery Friendly Workplace designation process. By completing this form, your organization is demonstrating its readiness to meet with a Recovery Friendly Workplace representative and its interest in attaining the Recovery Friendly Workplace designation.