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Resources for Employees

Resource Links for Employees

www.employeeissues.coma general information site that provides some basic information concerning employee rights

Workplace Bullying - Know the Signs

     In researching some topics to update this fine resource page, I came across a site called Workplace Bully Institute (WBI).  I never knew such a thing existed!  Bullying was something done by rotten kids on the playground.  It seems those kids don’t always grow up and grow out of it since workplace bullying is a legitimate occurrence that affects almost 30% of US workers.  Who knew?   

Synthetic Marijuana Overdoses in the Lehigh Valley: What you need to know

Emergency departments at Lehigh Valley hospitals are seeing a rash of overdoses among synthetic marijuana users. Dr.

Help Fight Illegal Drugs and/or Keep Kids Safe

Attorney General Kathleen Kane is asking Residents to help Fight Illegal Drugs and to help Keep Kids Safe by reporting activity to her office anonymously via text message.  

If you suspect illegal drug activity or child predator:

Text: PA DRUGS + your tip to 847411
Text: PAKIDS + your tip to 847411

Managing Workplace Stress

The word stress stresses many people out. The truth of the matter is, deadlines and crisis are facts of life sometimes. At work, things pop up that need to be dealt with right away.  It is to be expected - sometimes.  However, when stress levels continue to climb and no end is in sight, your health can be negatively affected in the form of high blood pressure, migraines, tense muscles, clenching teeth, over/under eating and/or drug or alcohol abuse.