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Resources for Employers

Urine drug testing model likely to rollout nationwide

This week, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) held a hearing to address reimbursement policies for various lab services, including urine drug testing. Andrea G.

"Alcohol and the Workplace" (Why you Need an EAP)

LA_WP_14636513Out of millions who hold full time employment in the United States, close to fifteen million are heavy drinkers of alcohol, exacting a high cost on work organizations, as employees who drink a lot are often absent from work, suffer from a lot of health problems, and are at a greater risk of harming themselves and others.

Synthetic Marijuana Overdoses in the Lehigh Valley: What you need to know

Emergency departments at Lehigh Valley hospitals are seeing a rash of overdoses among synthetic marijuana users. Dr.

Help Fight Illegal Drugs and/or Keep Kids Safe

Attorney General Kathleen Kane is asking Residents to help Fight Illegal Drugs and to help Keep Kids Safe by reporting activity to her office anonymously via text message.  

If you suspect illegal drug activity or child predator:

Text: PA DRUGS + your tip to 847411
Text: PAKIDS + your tip to 847411

The Most Dangerous Person in Your Office

After years in the working world, one begins to notice patterns. Personality types. A rotating cast of characters. Take a moment to reflect on all the personality types you've interacted with in the office. Have you ever met the "Worst Person in Front of Me Right Now?" You know the individual. It's the person who:

Drug Testing

Whether or not to drug test employees can be a sensitive subject.  Sometimes employers would rather not know if their employees are engaged in illegal drug use.  Or they may assume that any drug use is done off the clock and therefore is outside their authority.  In both cases, not knowing could be costing the employer money. Here’s how: