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Resources for Parents And Families

Resource Links for Families

www.parentcentral.netresource for parents to speak to counselors about their child's behaviors and reach out to other parents in a community forum 
www.teencentral.neta safe place for teens to go for answers to tough questions

Underage DUI – Zero Tolerance

clearfield county dui taskforce Underage DUI – Zero Tolerance

Pennsylvania´s Zero Tolerance Law carries serious consequences for those under 21 who are convicted of driving with any amount of alcohol in

CDC Finds Troubling Rise in Teen Suicide Method

Reposted from NBC News-

More teens who are killing themselves are choosing suffocation and strangling, government researchers reported Thursday. And more young women are committing suicide.

Synthetic Marijuana Overdoses in the Lehigh Valley: What you need to know

Emergency departments at Lehigh Valley hospitals are seeing a rash of overdoses among synthetic marijuana users. Dr.

Help Fight Illegal Drugs and/or Keep Kids Safe

Attorney General Kathleen Kane is asking Residents to help Fight Illegal Drugs and to help Keep Kids Safe by reporting activity to her office anonymously via text message.  

If you suspect illegal drug activity or child predator:

Text: PA DRUGS + your tip to 847411
Text: PAKIDS + your tip to 847411

Is it Drugs or Puberty?

When a baby is born, its parents have all the hope in the world – he or she could be the next doctor, Einstein, Dale Earnhardt.  The possibilities are limitless.  And then they become teenagers and the world gets flipped on its head.  What happened to the sweet, helpful little boy that was here yesterday?  Where did that little girl go who would bandage up the dog’s boo boos?  Instead, parents may be meeting their child’s evil twin: Moody or Leave-Me-Alone for the first time.