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Drug Free Workplace PA (DFWPA) is a non-profit organization funded by the State to help Pennsylvania businesses implement drug free workplace programs. In addition, we offer trainings to improve health and safety at the workplace.  Due to the nature of our mission, our Grantor has allowed us to offer our services completely free of charge to our clients.
DFWPA takes great pride in designing customized drug free workplace programs specifically for the organizations we work with.  Our offerings include:

Policy Builder
Create a policy                    
based on your unique        
workplace setting               
Policy Implementation           
Mental Health                          
Substance Use/Abuse          
Family Education Program
Educating adults and 
teens about family dynamics  
of drug use

All of our services are offered “a la carte” and can be utilized in whole or in part, as desired.  In addition, based on your preference, all benefits can be 1) accessed completely online via our dynamic, interactive website listed above; 2) provided by our program supervisor in-person; or 3) via any combination of the two – all at no cost.