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Policy Development

Successful drug free workplace programs encompass the below five components.  Drug Free Workplace PA can help you create a personalized program that meets these elements.

Establish a Drug Free Workplace Policy 

Use Drug Free Workplace PA’s online policy builder to create your own policies and incorporate only the facets you feel are necessary to your workplace.

Supervisor Training

Supervisors are trained regarding their responsibilities and how to monitor job performance.

Employee Education

Employees learn what their responsibilities and requirements as part of the new policy.

Employee Assistance

The Department of Labor recommends employers offer Employee Assistance Programs, or EAPs to its employees to handle personal problems related to drugs, alcohol, family and/or workplace issues.  This is a separate program that usually has a cost associated with it.  If interested, we recommend you contact Access EAP for more information

Alcohol and Drug Testing

Drug Free Workplace PA can assist employers in determining the employer’s best interest as to frequency of drug testing, i.e., pre-hire, random, set times, etc., as well as which drugs are tested.