Supervisor Training

Supervisor Training Overview

Identify the signs and symptoms of your employees that may be struggling with substance use disorder isn’t always the easiest.

We are here to help take a little weight off your shoulders and provide you with the training and tools you need to creating a drug free workplace.

Supervisor Training is one of the five components necessary to craft an effective drug free workplace program. This step typically occurs after creating a drug free workplace policy. Our Supervisor training is designed to educate Employers and Supervisors on how to address employees with substance use disorder and identifying signs and symptoms. Supervisors carry the responsibility of ensuring safety and health in the workplace and without this specialized training, a drug free workplace can be very hard to manage and regulate.


Online Training

Our online Supervisor training consists of 9 lessons. Each of the lessons are below. It will take less than 1 hour to complete all 10 lessons.

A 10-question pre-test is required, to test your current knowledge and understanding of drugs and alcohol in the workplace, followed by the lesson and a final test.


Cost of Substance Abuse to Society


Cost of Substance Abuse to the Workplace


What is Substance Use Disorder?


Drug Classifications


Signs of Workplace Drug Misuse 


Supervisor Skills 


When an Incident Occurs


Recovery is Possible




Onsite Training

We have an amazing team of Training Educators, and will tailor an interactive training course to meet the needs of your company. This will allow for more detailed real life examples in the workplace and allows for a Q&A Session to help address any specific questions.