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Supervisor training is intended for owners of companies, CEO’s, Executives, HR Staff, Safety Officers and any other management serving a supervisory role.

These individuals carry the responsibility of ensuring safety and health in the workplace, and without specialized training, a drug free workplace can be very hard to manage and regulate.


Our Supervisor training is designed to educate employers on how to address employees with substance use disorder and identifying signs and symptoms. It covers:

  • The organization’s DFWP Policy
  • Supervisor Responsibilities in Implementing Policy
  • Monitoring and Documenting Job Performance
  • Identifying Signs and Symptoms of Substance Use
  • Reasonable Suspicion Process and Supervisor Toolkit
  • Referring Employees to available Assistance
    • Supervisors are NOT expected to diagnose or counsel
    • However, Supervisors are Expected to Recognize and Address Job Performance Concerns

Available Courses

Drug Free Workplace Supervisor Training

Drug Free Workplace Supervisor Training

This course is designed for workplace supervisors charged with the responsibility of detecting and maintaining a drug free work environment. It is constructed to assist the supervisor in adhering to current workplace policy and to teach the basics of substance use disorder and substance abuse within the workplace. The process of determining and implementing Reasonable Suspicion process within the

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