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Our Team

Virginia “Gini” Cormier, LSW, CEAP, ACC began as the Program Director of Access EAP on June 6, 2016.  She brings almost 20 years of experience working in a Federal Employee Assistance Program.  Gini is a Licensed Social Worker, Certified Employee Assistance Provider and an Associate Certified Coach. She understands the struggles leaders face as they manage and build their businesses while seeking a healthy work-life balance. She deeply enjoys gardening and playing with her puppy!

Jessica Ringley is the Administrative Coordinator for Drug Free Workplace PA and Access EAP.  She graduated with a B.A in Mathematics with a concentration in theoretical mathematics from the University of North Carolina at Asheville.  The issues of addiction, mental illness and recovery are very important to Jessica. She combines her passion with organization skills to provide support to the entire team. Jessica enjoys exploring new places, board games and socializing with others.


Victor Parziale is the Program Supervisor for Drug Free Workplace PA, he received his B.S. in Chemistry from U.C. Santa Barbara in 1977. For more than twenty years Victor worked as a research chemist and as a technical sales representative. In recent years, because of his desire to help others, Victor has moved into an educational role, first teaching Chemistry at Lincoln University and then serving clients at Keenan House, a drug and alcohol therapeutic community. Today he combines his background in chemistry, sales, education, and treatment to inform both workplaces and the community at large about the hazards of substance abuse and the pathway to recovery.  Victor has the experience and knowledge to propel this program. In his spare time Victor enjoys fishing, hiking and traveling the world.

Amy Green is the Marketing Outreach Coordinator for Drug Free Workplace PA. She received her B.S. in Communication with an area of concentration in journalism, broadcasting, and human sexuality from Clarion University of Pennsylvania. Since graduation, Amy was drawn to the medical field because of her compassion. She also volunteered for nonprofit agencies applying for grants to obtain recovery houses and recovery centers. Amy has a deep passion for prevention, education, and action when it comes to the disease of addiction. She is very creative and enthusiastic which is reflected in her role in this program. . Amy enjoys hiking, thai food, sushi, camping, and spending every moment possible with her daughter Scarlett. 

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