Workplace training is essential to establishing and building a work environment that is drug free.

These courses are designed to raise awareness, give practical information and help empower everyone in the workplace to make better choices at work and at home. The many stressors that employees and supervisors face can be overwhelming, but with support they can manage and balance their lives in healthier ways.  With an emphasis on awareness as the key to prevention, we believe education empowers action, therefore our training emphasizes awareness as the key to prevention.


Drug Free Workplace PA is now offering Mental Health First Aid training. This training teaches employees and employers how to identify and respond to mental health or substance use challenges in the workplace and community through a five-step action plan. Learn more about our Mental Health First Aid here and contact us to schedule your training today. 

On-site Training

We offer free, customized on-site and virtual workplace trainings to fit any business or organization.
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Educational Series for the Workplace

Our online Workplace Education Series consists of 2 prerequisites and 5 courses. All 7 are provided below. Users should complete the 2 prerequisites prior to completing any/all of the 5 course topics to gain necessary overview information. It will take 15-45 minutes to complete each of our online lessons. Users may print a completion certificate at the end of each lesson.

All course titles are listed below. Click on the below to start an online course. 


Addiction is a Brain Disease

Addiction is a treatable, medical disorder that affects the brain and behavior. Learn how substance use disorder has impacted our society while examining the disease behind addiction and how it affects the brain. By exploring the five stages of addiction, you will gain an understanding of the repercussions of this disorder. Additionally, you will learn…

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Signs and Symptoms of Substance Use

As a person uses a substance, it can affect them emotionally, behaviorally and physically. Discover how to recognize the signs of impairment and the symptoms of substance use. Learn the difference between depressants, stimulants and hallucinogens and how it affects individuals under the influence.

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Workplace Trainings

Drug Free Workplace Employee Training

Substance use can have a major impact on the workplace. Through this presentation, discover how substance use affects the workplace and your family. Understand what a drug-free workplace means and how it applies to you. Learn how to help a co-worker that might be struggling with a substance use disorder. And, find out how to…

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The Benefits of an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

An important component of a complete Drug Free Workplace program is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). This course is designed to teach the basics of an EAP, how to select an appropriate one for your workplace and the benefits of having an EAP provider.

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Medical Marijuana and the Workplace

Pennsylvania Act 16 provides some guidance for employers and employees on navigating medical marijuana and the workplace. Learn what Medical Marijuana is and how it impacts employers Become acquainted with employee and employer protections in ACT 16. Develop an understanding of stigma, privacy and workplace policies.

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Drug Testing 101

This course addresses drug testing and the law, what to consider for your workplace, employer best practices and methods of drug testing. It also includes a resource list for drug testing entities in Pennsylvania.

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Drug Free Workplace Supervisor Training

As a supervisor, it is important to be empowered with tools and techniques when recognizing substance use in the workplace. In this presentation you will be able to determine how substance use impacts productivity and employee morale. You will also be able to identify signs and symptoms of impairment and ensure proper documentation. Once impairment…

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Additional trainings from our Family Education Series are also available for the Workplace Environment